What are the most unique and offbeat ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

What are the most unique and offbeat ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is full of celebration of love and romance. It is that one day of the year when the air is full of love and bliss. However, the tough question is how to make the day special? People try all sorts of cliches like candlelight dinner, roses, chocolates etc but it might not be unique. The celebration of love must be connected to who you are as a couple. So, it is important to find out unique and creative ways to celebrate the valentine’s day. These ways can help you to be closer to your partner in an unusual but fun manner. Let’s find out what these ways are! (Also read: What are the childish and silly habits that are killing your relationship)

Social work
Every day we strive to live life in our own and unique way but not everyone is that lucky. So, this valentine’s day you can use the love you have and share it with unfortunate ones. Make a plan to volunteer this valentine’s day. It will a meaningful and touching experience.

Watch a movie
Why waste your time and money on an overpriced restaurant when you can cuddle at home. Simply stay at home and watch a romantic movie with your partner. Brownie points if you pick your partner’s favourite movie. (Also read: What kind of fights indicate that your relationship can’t work anymore)

Make a scrapbook
Have you ever wondered how things have changed between you and your partner ever since you started dating? Time to find out. Take a walk down the memory lane and make a scrapbook full of memories and events of life that you two have shared.

Recreate your first date
This one is absolutely romantic, it has the perfect mix of nostalgia and love! So, all you need to do is to recreate your first date with your partner. You can dress up in the exact same way and enjoy the date.

Do nothing
Surprised? Don’t be! It is the best way to deal with valentine’s day’s stress. Simply stay at home and do anything you want, like cooking, cuddling etc. Make this day your own.  (Also read: What is the meaning of different colour of roses and their importance)

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