What Are The Types Of Texts You Should Never Send Him

What Are The Types Of Texts You Should Never Send Him

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Our generation is too much dependent on texting. We prefer talking to each other through simple texts than calling. Texting is the best way to talk to your loved ones, crush and especially your boyfriend. In fact, texting can tell a lot about you. Your texting style, communication skill, writing skill etc. But do you know what is the worst part of texting? Anybody can judge you by it very easily. That is why if you are texting your man, you should be aware of few things. Hence, we have come up with some tips which will help you. So, here are some texts you should never send him. Hope this helps you to understand. (Also Read: What Are The Things Women Do Which Kill The Relationship)

Sending too many emojis at a time:
These days the evolution of texting has been reached to a very simple and easy ways. People do not prefer using many emojis like teenage gang chat. Men especially do not like talking in emojis, they like simple chats with you which let him understand how you feel.

Thinking of you:
If you are in a relationship with him, you can tell him easily that you are missing him. But at the initial stage of the relation, do not be too vocal about your feelings. It rather makes you look like a fool who tells you that after meeting just once, you are thinking of him. (Also Read: How To Text A Girl For The First Time To Impress Her)

Why didn’t you text back again or replying?
If you have texted something and he did not reply to that, it does not mean you keep on poking him and asking him about his reply. He must be stuck with some work. Your continuous poking will make him feel annoyed and he may permanently block you for this.

Using K” instead of ‘OK’
If you write just ‘K’ instead of writing Okay or Ok, he may start judging you. Writing in short letters are not at all in trend. People used to write like these when the texting evolution started. Nowadays, writing full words is the need of the hour and people should understand it. (Also Read: What Are The Texting Habits Of Men Which Makes Women Stay Away From Them)

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