4 Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Inner Circle

4 Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Inner Circle

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Women always share some special bonds with each other. These bonds can stay for a lifetime. If you critically observe, men and women share different bonds when it comes to their inner circles. Studies say a girl builds her bonds with friends when they get mentally connected, unlike boys. So, keeping these various types of girls in mind we have come up with 5 different types of friends every girl should have in her inner circle. Hence, here we go with the types:

The BFF type:
This would be the favourite point of all the girls. The icing on the cake, your BFF. A woman has a lot of friends in her life. But there is someone whom she always swears by and loves the most. The bond you share with your BFF is almost like the bond you share with your sister. That is why all your images you share with your BFF are hashtagged as ‘Soulsisters’.

The Childhood buddy:
Childhood buddies are those who you do not talk for the ages, but still the love the and bond remains same when it comes to meeting or talking even after 5 years. She/he knows your behaviour, your nature and even what reactions you will give in various situations. It’s like keeping an extra space in your family and life for someone. The best part is, you might have a fight with your BFF but your childhood friend is away from fighting and losing.

Your party and social buddy:
If you love parties then you definitely find this types of friends around you. Among them, someone would be very special and matches with your mental state. She is someone who loves you to take to all the happening places, arranging dinners and lunch for you. The parties are lonely without her.

The mentor friend:
All your life decision, the right path and your present idea generation is the blessing you this friend of yours. She might be a bit older than you, but still your best friend. You must be thankful to her in many ways.

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