What are the types of emotional abuse women usually encounter by their partner

What are the types of emotional abuse women usually encounter by their partner

Any kind of abuse in a relationship is not healthy at all. Abuse does not necessarily mean physical or verbal abuse, however, there is something called emotional abuse as well. Any emotional hurt by your partner is considered as emotional abuse. Situations where you almost become helpless and submit to the torturous behaviour of your partner even mentally is emotional abuse. Women have always been in this vicious circle of abuse. Where on one hand, many women stay silent even after undergoing series of torture on their body while on the other, some feel suffocated by the actions of their partner. Most of the women have been a victim of emotional abuse in their relationship. However, the signs of emotional abuse are difficult to highlight and differentiate. (Also read: How can you stop being too fussy about your relationship)

What are the types of emotional abuse women usually encounter by their partner?

Not giving importance to your partner’s emotions: This is something really dangerous. This is one situation where the male partner (abuser) often rejects the gravity of pain of the abused partner. They often reject to accept the fact, that their behaviour has made them emotionally weak or vulnerable. Besides this, they often try to have an upper hand by constantly making their partner realise that something is wrong with them mentally. Usually, your partner will ask you to see a therapist and deal with your emotional breakdowns which actually makes no sense for them.

Insulting your lady in public:

Well, this is something unbearable. If your partner is loving while you both are alone and often insults you in front of others, you should talk. This is one of the extreme kind of humiliation. Your love makes no sense if you both hold no respect for each other in public. Disgracing your lady in public makes her feel insulted. Much to the surprise, many men are in the habit of doing so! (Also read: What are the signs indicating that the person is going to be great in bed)

Going violent and breaking off things:
Breaking things while in the middle of a heated argument can leave an everlasting impression on her mind. In fact, some people have the habit of throwing and breaking things in anger. This ultimately signifies that the person is capable to hurt you. In place of the things, the person might hurt you as well. It’s actually their incapability that you are spared for the moment. Hence, any of these acts should not be acknowledged.

Comparing your partner and complimenting other women:
Well, we all know that women are jealous but what makes them jealous? The inappropriate behaviour of their partner complimenting other woman and disgracing their own lady is not appreciable. However, some men have this habit of secretly acknowledging the beauty of other woman and looking down upon their own partner. Trust us, this is one of the heaviest shocks to the identity of women who love you with all her heart.

Not respecting your lady:
Respect is the most sincere love. If you can’t respect your partner, you can’t love them. It lays the basis for a strong relationship. Thus, respect what you have got with you and stop hunting for more. It definitely gives a shock to your lady, if she comes to know your quench has not settled yet. So, don’t be a fool and love your lady like a queen. (Also read: How to save your marriage from getting ruined due to financial problems)

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