How Toxic Relationship Can Affect You

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How Toxic Relationship Can Affect You

A relationship should always make you feel happy and joyous. But if the relationship becomes toxic it can make you suffer from many problems. Not just emotional but physical too! Everyday fighting, arguments, disloyalty and other negative feelings can harm any person who is involved in a relationship. That is why it is always better to get out of such bonds which are bad for you. Hence, have a look at the following and know what are the ways in which a toxic relationship affects you. (Also Read: How To Overcome Social Anxiety)

It makes you lose your energy:
Actually, we all want to keep our partner happy. But if your relationship status is almost dead, then you will only waste your energy to convince your partner. A dead relationship cannot make you happy and stay energetic.

You start hating love:
Once you get trapped in a toxic relationship, you will not be able to believe in true love again. A broken heart, sad and disgusting feelings will make you hate to love.

It is natural that if your relationship is not working properly, it will affect you. You will gradually start suffering from depression and intense sad feelings. It will neither make you feel happy nor healthy. (Also Read: How To Stay Healthy While Working During The Night Shifts)

It is natural that you will feel isolated while being in a toxic relationship. You will be detached from all your friends and family. This happens because once you have neglected all these just for your relationship. Now when you realise that the relationship is toxic you will have no one to stay with you.

Only blame game:
If your relationship is not well, you both will start blame game with each other. You may try to solve problems between the two of you, but ultimately there will be nothing except blaming each other for the loss.

After having such toxic relationship you will start blaming yourself only. You will feel that being in such relationship was your fault. Else, you may feel that you were the one who had problems with the relationship that is why it did not work out. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That His Ego Is More Important Than The Relationship)

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