Toxic boyfriend: Which are the obvious signs that you have a toxic boyfriend

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How to find out that your boyfriend is toxic for you

Toxic boyfriend: Your boyfriend might be toxic for you.

Toxic boyfriend: We all must have heard the phrase, that ‘Love is blind’. We often lose our senses and get swayed by the feeling of love so much so that we often tend to forget our real selves. We even forget about the things which are harming us. But this is not the right approach to move ahead. One must remain wide awake and should try to try to figure out whether the person you are with, is good for you or not. Trust is good but blind trust is not good. You must know the reality of your partner, he might be toxic for you. Here are some signs which show that your partner is toxic to you. (Also read: How does your toxic boyfriend harming and destroying you)

Toxic partner: Which signs show that you have a toxic partner?

  • Always count your faults
  • Never includes you in his plans
  • Always play the victim
  • Looks down on you
  • Makes you feel insecure

Always count your faults

Which signs show that you have a toxic boyfriend
Toxic boyfriend: A toxic boyfriend will always try to put you at fault.

If your boyfriend is a toxic person, he will always make you feel guilty and will count your faults. Instead of settling the matter, he will prick it, again and again, to make you feel sorry.

Never includes you in his plans
A toxic boyfriend will never include you in his plans. All he would do is roam around freely with his own people. He will even avoid you when he is out with his friends. Not just this, he will never make you a part of his plans.

Always play the victim
Even though he had been ill-treating you and had not been playing his part, he will still play the victim. He will make you realise that he is innocent and it is all happening just because of you.

Looks down on you

Signs which show you have a toxic boyfriend
Toxic boyfriend will always underestimate you.

A toxic boyfriend will never let you grow in life. If he is harmful and not right for you, he will definitely hinder your growth and will make you feel pity about your own self.

Makes you feel insecure
If he makes you feel insecure, even after being in a relationship, then he is not good for you. In fact, he is toxic for you. Love means security. If you can’t get it in the relationship, then it is of no good.

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These are some of the subtle signs which show that your boyfriend is toxic to you. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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