How does your toxic boyfriend harming and destroying you

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How does your toxic boyfriend harming and destroying you

A relationship is responsible for your personal growth and well being. Likewise, your relationship is also responsible for the struggles and challenges you face in life. A toxic relationship can destroy you and a healthy relationship can lead to your happiness. Stuck in a toxic relationship with a toxic partner leads to a lot of hardships in our life. A toxic boyfriend can make your life a little hell and you can’t escape from it. It impacts our mental peace. A bad relationship and a harmful boyfriend is a poison that needs to be taken out of the life. Hence, here are some ways to show that your toxic boyfriend is harming you. (Also read: What are the disadvantages of lying in a relationship)

How does your toxic boyfriend harming and destroying you?

Not thankful to you: No matter how many sacrifices you do for them, your boyfriend is never thankful to you. He is very selfish and overlooks whatever you do for them. Besides this, he never does the least of his efforts to make you feel comfortable and feel loved.

He lies to you: Lying is the worst enemy of the relationship. It spoils a good and healthy relationship to a point that rebuilding the same becomes impossible. If he lies to you by thinking that you will believe what all he has to so, as he loves you, then he is the biggest destroyer of your mental health. (Also read: How to make a girl feel jealous)

Never expresses his love: Expressing love is a key to a healthy relationship. In case your boyfriend does not express the love at all, then something is really wrong with him. Not everyone is expressive, but a little expression of love is mandatory in a relationship to make the other person feel better and loved.

Makes you feel worthless: A boyfriend who thinks you are not worthy of anything is none but a toxic one. He always tries to make you feel unworthy of him and always insults you. No matter what you do for him, he always thinks himself as superior and does not reciprocate anything to you.

Controls your life: If your boyfriend always holds you back from progressing in life, then he is not a guy you should be in a relationship with. If he never allows you to achieve your goals and work towards your career, then he is not the right one for you. All he wants is his benefit for the relationship. When you can’t take your own decisions, you will feel suffocated. (Also read: What are the various things that every woman like to have on a first date)

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