How to touch your lady in the right way on your first date

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How to touch your lady in the right way on your first date

You can always woo the lady with one right touch. Your touch says a lot about your personality and your intentions. A soft touch might make you win a consent to her heart. If you are taking the girl of your dream out for a date, then nothing can be more precious than this. You eventually make a lot of plans and accordingly prioritize things. You should give them the right signal about how you feel for them so that they can also reciprocate the feeling accordingly. Sometimes, our actions say louder than what or words can say. No matter how perfect you have planned the date, there are times when you need an extra pinch of love on that date, i.e., the gentle touch. That soft touch of yours can suggest a lot about you and your love. (Also read: Why it becomes difficult for a guy to understand a girl)

How to touch your lady in the right way on your first date?

Divide the date into two parts
No matter how well you plan a date, there are still many events that happen all of a sudden. If you want to express your love to her, you need to plan accordingly. However, for this, you need to choose the right place. So, take your girl to a fancy restaurant in the first part of the date and then in the second half, take her for a long walk or maybe to some silent place.

  • First part of the date
    Choose some good restaurant for lunch or dinner with a good ambience. Try to sit closer to her.
  • Try to initiate the conversation and know each other better. You can try to know about their likes and dislikes. Do not try to touch them unnecessarily. (Also read: What are the things that you can say instead of saying I Love You)
  • Try to maintain the eye contact with them while you talk to them. If she is feeling comfortable you will get to know this.
  • Try to flirt a little in a healthy manner to keep the situation lively.
  • Try to hold her hand if she is comfortable. If she is trying to resist it, then stop doing it.

Second part of date

  • Once your date ends in the restaurant successfully, it is a good sign. Now you can ask her for a long walk.
  • Try to hold her hold gently and softy while moving out of the restaurant. Trust us, she will like it.
  • Try to go for a walk to some silent and safe place where there is no rush. Remember, it is the time when you have to confess your feelings, so choose the place accordingly. Don’ttake her to a shady place where she is not comfortable.
  • Tell them how happy you are about the date and for her presence in your life. She will definitely feel special.

Know your limits:
Try to be in limits while you are on the first date. Many girls really don’t appreciate the idea of touching and intimating on the very first date. So, read the signs she gives you correctly. Do not do anything without her consent. Besides this, don’t force yourself on her. You might lose her forever in this manner. (Also read: What are the various signs that your partner does not care about you at all)

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