Things You Should Avoid Saying Before Kissing Your Partner

Things You Should Avoid Saying Before Kissing Your Partner


That magical moment when you and your partner are looking into each other eyes. The romance in the air describes what is going to happen next. You both are so close to each other and suddenly your partner pulls your cheeks by saying “Woogly Whoosh”. That sudden moment turns you off the mood.

Kissing is a very intense gesture to show your love to your partner. Both of you have to be in the right frame of mind and soul. These small kissing moments can make your memory more vibrant and sizzling. If you do not want to mess this divine moment, stop saying and doing few activities which can completely hinder that lovely moment.

Hence, we have listed up few actions of yours which could kill the kissing moment and make your partner turned off.

Do not talk about body odour:
If your personal hygiene is not up to the mark it is bound to turn off your partner. So it is mandatory for both of you to keep this in mind that there are no ‘awkward moments.’ It is only unwanted to pinpoint at each other’s body odour or backs out because you can’t take it.

Don’t take it lightly
To share a pleasant moment with your partner, it is important that you respect each other. Don’t keep making fun of each other’s flaws or pinpointing the things you don’t like about each other. It can rub you off the wrong way unnecessarily. You should be polite, caring and respect each other. Also, keep yourself away from cracking silly jokes.

Be in the mood
You can have a bad day at work but that doesn’t mean you have an excuse to ruin the moment. If your partner is approaching you, you should ensure that you get out of a bad or rather cranky mood before the ‘moment’. Don’t be mean or snappy especially if your partner is being sensual or flirtatious with you. Your behaviour may just spoil the game completely.

Professional discussions – no! no!
You may or may not share a professional space with your partner but don’t act busy or ramble about your work when you sense an intimate moment. It is such a turn-off and it may simply convey that you are not interested.

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