What are things women worry about in a relationship

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What are things women worry about in a relationship

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When a woman is in a relationship, she gives it all. Most girls are very emotional and sensitive. As a result, they end up overthinking about things as well. This overthinking is often about their relationship. Even when everything is going well or is perfect in a relationship, the woman’s mind will continue to think of all the possibilities. The main reason for this is that every woman wants to protect herself from getting her heart broken. So, they think hard about the relationship. Another reason for it is lack of self-esteem that happens a lot with women in a relationship. (Also read: Phrases you should not use while consoling a grieving friend)

“Does he really care for me”
Even though it might sound absurd, many women worry about this in a relationship. The fear roots from the fact that men often pretend to care to fulfil their desire, instead of having real feelings. Thus, it is a common fear.

“Do we have a future together”
Most women wish to be in a stable and sensible relationship in the long run. This is why it is a common worry of the women, that if they have a future with their partner or not. It can be challenging for a woman to think of a life without thinking about the future.  (Also read: What things you don’t fight about when you are in a right relationship)

“Am I putting too much effort into this relationship”
Men are often too casual and laid back in a relationship. So, it is not uncommon that women start to feel that they are trying to hard. This feeling is quite common and you must be careful before jumping to any conclusion.

“Is he ignoring me”
Men are often forgetful when it comes to informing their partner about their whereabouts. So, this leads to the question in the woman’s mind that what if her partner is just ignoring her.

“Does he think about me”
Every woman wants to be missed by her partner. The answer to this question will be visible by the action of the partner. (Also read: What to do when your partner is ignoring you)

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