Things to deal with if you have an unromantic boyfriend

Things to deal with if you have an unromantic boyfriend

Being in love is beautiful but you need a good partner for this. If your partner is not at all romantic and often fails to make you feel special, then it is something annoying. He fails to pay enough attention to you and do not even reciprocate the love that you need. Expressing the feelings to you is out of the question. Besides this, they do not take you out for a date, or even if they do so, it is one of the most boring days for you. Often the unromantic people do not express their love openly. Do you remember the last time when they confessed that they love you or bought your favourite flowers? Well, if you have an unromantic partner, you will definitely relate to this. (Also read: What are the signs that you have lost the love of your life forever)

Things to deal with if you have an unromantic boyfriend?

Has never gifted you something special: Though gifts are all a materialistic affair, however sometimes we need something as a token of love. It is okay to exchange some gifts at times in order to express your love. But if your boyfriend is unromantic he will never do such things even when you clearly express the desire.

Often forgets the special days: Your boyfriend never remembers the special days. Your birthday, anniversary or any other date is just so normal day for him. He never even plans to make you feel special. The idea of celebration and feeling special does not exist in his dictionary. (Also read: What are the signs that your partner is a loyal and real person)

Never had a dream proposal: He loves you but he fails to plan a dream proposal for you. You are well aware of the fact that you will never have a dream proposal for your life, no matter how hard you try to insist him for that.

Never plans a date: Your boyfriend has no idea about how to plan a perfect candlelight date. All he ever plans is a night out with his guys’ gang. Your dinner plans are quite boring and lack the warmth.

PDA is a complete no for them: If you are with a completely unromantic partner, he will never hold your hands in public. Clicking selfies, hugging in public, expressing love etc. are out of question. He feels awkward in doing all these things. (Also read: What are the things which you ignore but your partner notices a lot)

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