What are the things that your partner will not do for you if he is not your soulmate

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What are things that your partner will not do for you if he is not your soulmate

When you fall in love with someone, you tend to get goosebumps and you feel that you have found your perfect partner. In short, you start feeling that you have got your soul mate. But trust us, not every partner is a soulmate. If he/she is not your soulmate, you will definitely get some of the signs which will make you sure that you have not made the right choice in life. If someone does not want to spend the rest of the life with you, he/she will never try hard to keep you happy and engaged in life. He/she will start backing out from the relationship and will not invest much time in it too. Read on to know what will your partner not do, if he is not your soulmate. (Also read: What to do if you are in a relationship and still have a crush on someone)

What are things that your partner will not do for you if he is not your soulmate?

Ignoring future plan:
If your partner is not your soulmate then he/she will not talk about the future together. He/she is not going to make wedding plans with you. They will definitely ignore such deep discussions and will ignore you when you try to talk about it.

Make you uncomfortable:
Your partner will make you uncomfortable when you meet or socialise with people. He/she will insult you and will not think about your feelings in front of others. (Also read: What are the different meanings of various types of hugs)

They will run away from your family
If your partner does not think you as your soulmate, he/she will never come close to your family. He will never meet your family or will try to make an excuse whenever you will make a plan. In fact, he/she will also keep you away from his family and close friends.

They will hide secrets:
If your partner is not at all serious about you and is not your soulmate, he will definitely try to hide things from you. Keeping secrets from you will become the daily practice and they will not open up truly in front of you.

Will never introduce you to his closest friend:
If he is just taking you for granted and is not your soulmate then he will never make you meet his most initiate friends. He will always make an excuse whenever you will ask for being a part of such gathering. He just wants you to stay away from the things that are too personal to him. (Also read: What Are The Things Which Are Worse Than Cheating In a Relationship)

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