Things one must never ask his girlfriend to do in the relationship

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Things a girlfriend should not do in a relationship

A girlfriend should not blindly do everything that her boyfriend asks her do to.

Things girl should never do: Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing as long as it is not a burden on you. Many boyfriends are too controlling or dominating that they often snatch the independence of their girlfriends. A relationship means sharing your happiness and grievances together. It is a give and take process. You can’t expect only one person to give his/her 100% and other just sitting. There are certain partners who are so dependable in the relationship that they do not realise the kind of pressure or the burden they are laying on the other. So, let’s discuss what are the various things that a girl must never do in a relationship or a guy must never ask his girlfriend to do for him. (Also read: Relationship tips: Signs that you are putting too much pressure on your partner)

What are the things a boyfriend must never ask his girlfriend to do?

  • Clean up the mess
  • Leave her friends
  • Support him financially
  • Give up her goals in life
  • Agree with him all the time

Clean up the mess
Most of the guys have this habit of creating a mess all around the house. Well, it’s good that you have a girlfriend but she is not there to clean up the mess. Besides this, if you are capable of messing up the house, you must also know how to clean it up all by yourself.

Leave her friends

A girl can’t leave all her friends. Thus, a boyfriend should not ask her to do so.

Never ask your girlfriend to leave her friends. Yes, she loves you and you both are in a relationship, it does not mean that she has to leave her friends. Everyone needs friends and dear ones in life. Can you leave all your friends and just have her in your life? (Also read: What are the signs that his friends are more important to him than the relationship)

Support him financially
It is okay that you ask your girlfriend to lend you some money in case of urgency. However, it is not acceptable that you become dependable on her for your monetary needs. She is not your financial supporter. If she earns it is good for your future. Don’t just become dependable on her.

Give up her goals in life
Never expect a girl to give up her dreams and goals in life. She is an individual who has every right in the world to pursue her dreams. Never ask her to make a choice and leave her career. Even you will never able to take this tough call! (Also read: What are the things that your partner never wants to tell you)

Agree with him all the time

Girls have their own opinion. Therefore, a boyfriend must not ask her to agree with him every time.

If a boyfriend asks his girlfriend to agree with him on each and everything, it is not right. She can have her own opinion and thoughts about things. You can’t expect to agree with what you want or say.

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These are some of the things a girl should never do in a relationship. A boyfriend must never ask his girlfriend for all these things. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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