Things one must discuss with the partner before getting married

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Things one must discuss with the partner before getting married

Marriage is one of the most important decisions of life. It can’t be taken in hurry. Either if it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, it brings a lot of changes in the lives of two people. No matter you know the person already or you are in love, but marriage changes the whole equation between the two people. Thus, to make this crucial decision of life, one has to be clear before getting married. Talk and discuss things priorly before getting the things complicated once you get married. Marriage is a decision for a lifetime, so do not keep any doubts in your mind. Let’s find out what all are the things one should be clear about before getting married. (Also read:What are the signs that your partner holds jealousy and insecurity in the relationship)

Things one must discuss with the partner before getting married?

Career: One should never compromise on their career. If you are a career oriented person, you should clear it to your partner before getting married. This goes especially for girls who are working. Many a time, they are expected to leave their job and take up the responsibilities of the family. Thus, this decision of job should be made clear before marriage only.

Family: Sometimes, people make fake promises. They charm a girl by saying that they are supposed to love in a nuclear family, however, later on, they change their decision. The family is an important part of everyone’s life. Thus, the truth about staying with them in a joint family or in a nuclear family should be made clear before getting married. (Also read: How to fall in love again after being hurt once in life)

Financial issues: One must be clear about their earnings and financial status. Building on false pillars of money and wealth is a complete ‘No’. You are going to be married and you should be clear about your finances with your partner. Be it a girl or a guy, no one should lie about their earnings and financial status. It may lead to complications later on in life.

Expectations: Both the girl and the guy have to make a lot of adjustments with each other once they get married. However, both of them hold expectations too in life. One should be clear on these grounds too. Marriage is all about adjusting and making little compromises for each other. It’s okay to adjust for that one person in life who is your soulmate and the partner for life.

Personal space: No matter if you are married or still single. Everyone needs personal space in life. One should be clear that they need some space in their life too. That does not mean you will ditch your partner. Even by being loyal and staying together, you can have your ‘ME’ time and personal space. (Also read: What are the various secrets about men which women don’t know)

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