What things you should never forgive your boyfriend or husband for

What things you should never forgive your boyfriend or husband for

Fights often occur in a relationship. It can be about simple things like the plans for the day or chores of the house. In that situation both the partner end up reaching a mutual conclusion. Sometimes, the fights are about bigger issues and there is no mutual ground to reach. There are certain things that unacceptable in a relationship and a woman must never forgive a man for it. Even though most women, tend to let small things slip and forgive their men, sometimes it is the wrong decision. That is why it is important that you know of the things you should never forgive in a relationship. (Also read: What are the signs that his friends are more important to him than the relationship)

Verbal abuse
There is no excuse to use improper language in a relationship no matter what the circumstances are. If you can see that your boyfriend or husband is turning verbally abusive then it is a sign of emotional abuse.

Making your decisions for you
Every individual has the right to choose the things they want in their life and no one can make this decision for them. So, if you feel that your partner is snatching this from you then it is unforgivable. (Also read: What are the signs that you are accidentally cheating on your partner)

Keeping you away from your friends and family
Even when you are in a relationship, you still want to be around your friends and family. If your partner doesn’t respect your family and friends or puts restrictions on you, then it is certainly not right.

There is no excuse for cheating. No matter what the circumstances were, no one should disrespect the relationship in such a horrible manner. There is no way that you should forgive your partner for cheating on you.

Your self-respect is also an important part of a relationship. If your partner doesn’t value your opinion or respects you, then it is not right. So, never forgive your partner for this!  (Also read: What things men lie about when they want to impress a woman)

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