What are the things you should tell your partner about your past

What are the things you should tell your partner about your past

Things you should tell your partner about your past

Everyone has a past, be it good or be it bad, it is there in everyone’s case. Some people like to keep their past completely secretive. However, this comes to an important question, is it really a better choice to keep your past away from your partner. Some people say that it gives you a fresh start, while others think that it creates more suspicion in a relationship. So, it is important to know what exactly you must let your partner know about your past. Speaking about your past doesn’t mean that you are living in it, you are just acknowledging your life so far. (Also read: Should one reveal their past relationship secrets to their partner)

Past things you should tell your partner

  • Your romantic history
  • Connection with your ex
  • Finacial standing
  • Mental health history

Your romantic history
This is a controversial topic, as everyone has a different opinion on this. Some people like total honesty, while others like to leave the past behind. The right way to handle this topic is to understand the impact of this thing on your relationship. So, think of the situation, the timing and the nature of your partner. Don’t be in a haste with your decision. (Also read: Important conversations one must have with their partner)

Connection with your ex
Some people think that staying friends with an ex is not a big deal. It might not be the same thing for your partner. So, if your ex is a part of your life in any way, then it is important that your partner should know about it. (Also read: How To Overcome Depression By Healing Past Memories)

Finacial standing

All the things about your past you must tell your partner about
Be open about your financial state in a relationship

Talking about money can be very tricky in a relationship. However, if you are dealing with loans or debts then it is important that your partner knows about it too. It is important to be transparent about the money situation. (Also read: How Can You Heal Conflicts In A Relationship With Past Memories)

Mental health history
There is nothing wrong with having a mental health issue in your past, but it is important to let your partner know about it. Remeber that you have nothing be ashamed about as long as you are honest about this thing.

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