What are the things we mistake for love, but aren’t real love

What are the things we mistake for love, but aren't real love

Love is considered to be an utterly beautiful and divine feeling. There are many people who find love at the right time and have there happily ever after life. However, at the same time, there are people who think of love in an entirely different manner. So, instead of a real strong connection, they are left with assumptions and ideas about love. Our idea of love is influenced by a lot of things, such as the books, movies, songs etc. Therefore, it is entirely possible that we end up thinking that certain things mean love, but in reality, love is much more than that. You must know what are the things we mistake for love are!

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Attachment or habit
It often happens that you have a habit of talking to someone or texting them late at night. People get so attached to the person or become so habitual that they think that it is love. Real love is not just about a habit or an attachment to someone, it much more than that.

Idea of love
There are people who think that love is like romance in the movie. They refuse to look beyond the idea of love. So, sometimes, they find someone equivalent to their idea of love, but that is not ‘love’.

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Being attracted to someone
Often physical appearance has a lot to do with whom we are attracted to. This is a common mistake that people make. The outer looks of someone don’t mean that they will be compatible with you as well. Love comes from within not from the looks.

A deep friendship
Sometimes you have a deep connection with someone as friends. You two understand each other, make each other laugh etc. In that case, you feel that you two will be amazing as a couple. However, many times you end up destroying the friendship as love and friendship are different.

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