Things men want: What are the things that a man wants in the relationship

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What are the various things which a man wants in a relationship

Things men want: To keep the relationship healthy one must know the needs of the partner.

Things men want: In comparison with the man, the woman expresses her feelings more in a relationship. Men often feel hesitant about expressing their desires. Women on the other hand, often freely confess her feelings. This is why a woman fails to understand what her man wants from her. Most of the woman think that man only wants love in the relationship. But when you will come into the relationship, you will realise that besides love, there are many other things that a man wants from the relationship. Let’s discuss what are the things, that a man expects from his partner. (Also read: What all a single woman must know about men)

Things men want: What are the things that a man wants from the relationship?

  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Praise
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Space


A man wants to communicate with his partner to keep the relationship healthy.

Your man wants to maintain that kind of a relationship with you, where you both can talk to each other. If a relationship does not have a communication then space keeps coming in between the relationship. Therefore, communication is an important aspect of the relationship.

Not only a woman but a man too demands respect in the relationship. If you don’t respect them for their career and their feelings, then they will not feel happy in the relationship. (Also read: Dating tips: Why some men do not get attracted to you)

If you want to get compliments from your partner, then you must keep this thing in mind, that you should also compliment them. Tell them that you like them. You don’t have to express it through words. You can use your actions for the same.

Emotional intimacy

what does man want from a relationship
Man wants emotional intimacy in the relationship.

It is often believed that men are not emotional. As compared to women, they have fewer emotions. In the childhood, men are taught that expressing feelings is a sign of weakness. However, there is a need to understand that even men have emotions. Give them emotional support so that they can exchange their feelings with you. (Also read: Which mistakes of men make their partner cheat on them)

The way closeness and romance are a necessary part of the relationship, the same way is the space. It helps to keep the relationship fresh otherwise it becomes suffocating. Men want space and trust in the relationship so that they can enjoy the phase of love.

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These are some of the most common expectations of the men from a relationship. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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