What Are The Things Men Never Understand About Women

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What Are The Things Men Never Understand About Women

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All men have complaints against women that, women have a different mindset and that is why it is impossible to understand them. It is true most of the times, but not every time the girl is at fault. Men and women have a different way of thinking and they raise themselves according to their mindset. That is why men generally react against women and they fail to understand them. However, there are many times, men are right because women to behave a little weird which either hurts a man ego or hampers their normal lifestyle. So, let us have a look at those things which women do and men totally fail to understand. (Also Read: Why A Relationship Without Trust Does Not Last)

Women remember all small things:
Women can remember every small date like a live calendar. From birthdays, anniversaries to first meet and last message, everything can be jotted down by women very neatly in their mind. But unfortunately, men cannot remember these small things at all. That is why they do not understand why women can do so.

Often saying that they do not have anything to wear:
Women mostly say they do not have anything to wear wherein their cupboards and almirah say it is untrue.  They have a lot of clothes. This mostly happens when they have to go to a special place, events or occasion. They feel pretty much confused when they see their clothes and complain that they have nothing to wear. That is why men can not understand why they behave so when they have many clothes to wear. (Also Read: What Are The Lessons You Should Learn From A Failed Relationship)

Getting angry at every small thing:

What Are The Things Men Never Understand About Women

Women generally get offended and angry at every small thing done by men. That is why many of the relationships suffer. No matter who is at fault, women generally love to play a dominated character over men and that is why they get angry. So, men get nervous because they generally do not like to extend fights.

Start crying about every small thing:
Women generally have a soft-heart and they have a huge garden of emotions inside their heart. So, when they involve in any argument, fight, harsh conversations, they start crying. But men generally have a strong control over their remotion. Hence, they fail to understand women about their overwhelming emotions.

Being offended after hearing the truth:
Every woman loves to hear praising from their loved ones. So, when they ask how they are looking today or how is the food that they made, they expect a positive answer. But when men speak the truth if the food is not good, they immediately get offended. That is why men do not understand they got offended when men were speaking the truth. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of Romance Which Suggest You Are Special To Him)

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