What things men lie about when they want to impress a woman

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What things men lie about when they want to impress a woman

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When it comes to the relationship, it is usually said that honesty is the best policy. However, not everyone abides by the same rule. Sometimes, people think that if they act high and righteous then they will be able to impress the other person easily. Men are especially guilty of acting in this manner. They always want to impress the special lady, they have eyes on. Some of these lies are simply harmless compliments, while others are serious like lying about the past or something in the current. Thus, one must be aware of the common lies men tell women to impress them. (Also read: What body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you)

Their breakup or the past relationship
If a man really wishes to impress a girl, he will try to present himself as the ideal partner. Sometimes, in attempt to do so, they often try to taint the image of their former partner. They do this to appear saintly in the past relationship.

Their way of life
Men think that the best way to impress a girl is to make their lives appear better and cooler. So, even though they have a very normal and simple life, they pretend to live a very rich and glamorous life. (Also read: How to repair your relationship when things get rough)

Like and dislikes
If a man is around a woman he is trying to impress, then it is often the case that he will act interested in things the woman likes. It is just an attempt to win the interest of the woman.

His real thought process
Men are scared of being judged for the things they like or prefer. So, instead of sharing their real thought process, they lie to impress a girl. It can be about a small thing like the favourite cuisine or something big like his philosophy in life.

Fears and bad memories
Men often have their guards up all the time, so they find it very difficult to share their fears and bad memories. So, they make up lies for it. (Also read: What pieces of bad relationship advice you should never follow)

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