What are the things to keep in mind while hugging a woman

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What things to keep in mind while hugging a woman

It is true that it is difficult to understand women sometimes. However, if you simply pay attention to their actions and words then you can easily understand them and win their heart. Women often like to express their strong emotions via a hug instead of words. Sometimes, the hug is full of meaning and emotions and other times it out of sympathy. In that case, if you make any mistake while hugging the woman it can ruin the relationship you share with that woman. So, there are certain things you must keep in mind while hugging the woman. Let’s find what these things are. (Also read: What are the little lies people tell their partner)

Keep the relationship in mind
Every man shares a different kind of bond and relationship with a woman. She can be his friend, colleague, sister, girlfriend or mother. So the kind of hug differs due to the relationship shared. Keep this factor in mind before opting for a hug.

Hands in check
When you are hugging a woman keep your hands in check, as to where your hands are. You can keep them on her shoulder or lightly on her waist. When you move past the waist, it is highly inappropriate. So, be careful about this. (Also read: What are the childish and silly habits that are killing your relationship)

Hugging in an affectionate way
Hugging a woman is different from hugging a man. So, be affectionate towards her while hugging a woman who is close to you.

Hug according to the situation
Attraction, affection, intimacy, friendship or support, these are some situations that involves hugging as a way to express emotions. So, make sure you know the situation in which you are in.

Surprise hugs
Now, when it comes to ‘surprise’ hugs, it can be tricky as not every woman likes them. So, it is better that you avoid them. If you want to hug a woman in surprise way make sure you share a meaningful and intimate bond with her. (Also read: What kind of fights indicate that your relationship can’t work anymore)

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