What are the things which you ignore but your partner notices a lot

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What are the things which you ignore but your partner notices a lot

When you stay in a relationship for a long time, you often enjoy the company and build a strong bond with your partner. It even shows that you both have a strong understanding and love each other a lot. When you are with your partner for a long time, you often feel comfortable with your partner. Thus, you tend to do certain things out of ignorance. But your partner makes a note of all these things properly. If it is a favourite colour, your regular habits, your favourite music, the way you carry yourself etc. all of these things are noticed by your partner. Let’s discuss the various things that your partner notices in you. (Also read: What are the various signs which show he wants to date you)

What are the things which you ignore but your partner notices a lot?

The colour that you often wear: Your wardrobe is full of your favourite colour. You often meet him by wearing your favourite colour. You might not notice this thing but your partner definitely makes a note of this.

How much you eat: When you go out for a lunch or dinner with your partner, your partner notices how much you eat. Our eating habits often change from our first date to 2 to 3 years of our relationship. You might not make a note of it but your partner definitely does. (Also read: Reasons why it is okay to not celebrate Valentine’s Day)

Your smile: Everyone has something special with them, which makes you smile a little broader every time. Your partner makes a note of your smile a lot. Besides this, he wants to have that smile on your face forever.

Little things make you happy: Every person has their own list of favourites, which makes them happy. Your boyfriend notices those little things that make you happy like your favourite coffee and ice cream.

Some weird practices: You might not notice but your partner makes a note of every single habit that you have. Your weird talks, the way you walk, looking at the mirror, again and again, etc. are all noted by your partner. (Also read: How to flirt in the right manner with your crush)

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