What Are The Things Happen To Your Body After A Breakup

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What Are The Things Happen To Your Body After A Breakup

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The breakup is a dark emotional phase which effects a human body too. When a human being comes into a relationship, he or she shares a huge emotional commitment towards the partner. In fact, when two people love each other and commit, they make many promises together. All these things lead to a lot of emotional involvements between two. So, when a break up happens, it redirects all the emotional memories and emotionally scares the person. It does not only hamper the emotional health, but it can badly affect our physical health too. You may think that it is all about your emotional control, but You may know that it can wreck your physical health badly. How? Have a look at the following and know about it. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of A Bad Kisser)

Physical pain:
If you are too stressed and depressed, it will trigger various physical pain too. It may stimulate abdominal pain, headache etc. Other than that, when your body is full of cortisol and other depressing hormones, it hampers your digestive process and you feel nauseated. So, it can trigger stomach and chest pain also.

Weight loss or weight gain:
Break up can bring changes in your weight. The constant depression and high cortisol level make your physical health unhealthy. You may lose your weight because of your indigestion and less appetite. Otherwise, many people develop an eating disorder after a breakup, this disorder may influence a person to eat a lot which stimulates weight gain. So, it can make your weight level uneven. (Also Read: Why A Relationship Without Trust Does Not Last)

You suffer from depression:
Breakup and depression both are interlinked. Too much sadness can convert it to depression very quickly. if the reason for your breakup was painful then it may be difficult for the person who is dealing with the pain. So, the mental health becomes ill and can develop into depression.

If you are breaking up for a very painful reason, it can make you depressed and can wreck your sleep. If you are happy and satisfied, your body will have dopamine at a very high level. This hormone can help you to sleep peacefully. But, when you are depressed your body damages dopamine and starts secreting bad and negative hormones. (Also Read: What Are The Lessons You Should Learn From A Failed Relationship)

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