What Are The Things All Couples Fight About

What Are The Things All Couples Fight About

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Every couple fights in a relationship. No matter how small can be the matter is, fighting is a must. But, do you know, fights can enhance love too. Although these fights are healthy until you both become aggressive and abusive. When two hearts are together, their choices, their lifestyle everything will start clashing and some small matters will become a matter of fight. What is the topic you and your partner mostly fight about? Have a look at the following and check if any of these topics of fighting can match with yours. (Also Read: How To Deal With An Evil Ex-Boyfriend)

Choices for dinner date:
When you both plan to go for dinner dates, you always clash your choices with each other. You may like Chinese cuisine and your partner may like Italian food. This makes your both feel annoyed and one of you have to drop their choices. Else ultimately the dinner plan gets cancelled.

Social media posts:
Social media is the best place to show your relationship PDA. You are either too expressive about your relationship on social media or you like to hide your own stuff from it, Whatever you can be, if your partner is opposite of you, it will annoy you and you both start fighting about it. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Say You Have Serious Chemistry With Your Partner)

Money matters:
Fights for money reason have various perspectives. Your may bear own expenses but sometimes your partner likes to pitch in. Sometimes become a matter to fight with each other. Moreover, in your relationship, maybe one of you is a spender while the other is more of a saver. These increases fight too.

Jumping on each other’s space:
If you are in a relationship that does not respect your personal space. Then you have lost your own space. If your partner is trying to get into your life, you obviously will freak out. This thing develops fights between you and your partner.

It is natural that if one of you is involving too much with your best friend who is of opposite gender, your partner will react. But you are also not wrong because you have different visions for your best friend and your lover. This increase fights and problems between you two. (Also Read: What Are The Things Say That You And Your Partner Are Ready To Get Married)

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