Which things a couple should never post on social media

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What things a couple should never post on social media

Today people use social media for all sorts of things, to make people see their life, everyday things and the relationships they share. Most of the couples like to use the social media to upload posts and pictures of their life together. It is a way of expressing their feelings and emotions. However, it is important that you stay careful when you are posting such things, as it may even cause a problem or conflict in the relationship. So, there are certain things one should never post on social media as a couple. Let’s find out what these things are. (Also read: How to win over a guy who already has a girlfriend)

Personal or private moments
When you are uploading a picture on social media make sure it is not something very intimate. A sweet couple picture certainly looks mushy and cute, but a bedroom shot of your intimate moments is extreme. So, make sure some moments stay with you two only.

Conflicts and fights
When you have a fight with your partner, don’t resort to social media gimmicks to gain attention. It will only put a negative impact on your relationship. Every couple has their ups and downs. So, resolve them instead of putting a post about it. (Also read: How to impress your mother in law)

Mean posts about your partner
When you are on a social media site you can easily cross the line and say mean and disrespectful things about your partner. It is one thing to joke in private, but social media is public. So, this can be humiliating to your partner.

Posting without asking
You might think it is sweet to surprise your partner with a post, but it is not always the case. Many people are insecure about their looks and unflattering pics can damage his or her self-respect.

Negative posts about your partner’s friends or family
You might not be the biggest fan of your mother in law, or you don’t like her friends. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll bash them via social media. It can really hurt your partner. (Also read: What are the signs that your boyfriend is faking his niceness)

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