What are the things that you can say instead of saying I Love You

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What are the things that you can say instead of saying I Love You

Confessing your love to your partner is a beautiful thing. Couples often exchange the phrase, I Love You and express their love. However, it has become too cliche and boring. When you are in love, you need to be adventurous enough to revive your love. Thus, using different ways to express love is one of the best methods. It helps to strengthen the bond and give up on boredom. Besides this, it also makes the person realise how much you mean to them and how special your love is. Thus, let’s find out various ways to express love instead of saying I love you every time. (Also read: What are the various signs that your partner does not care about you at all)

What are the things that you can say instead of saying I Love You?

My love for you grows more every day: When you say that your love grows with each passing day, it is one of the most beautiful things. It conveys how much you are in love and want to cherish this feeling forever. The growth of love with each passing day suggests how well you both have build a bond so strong.

I laugh because of you: You will hardly find anyone who will make you laugh for life. We all have friends and family who are our well-wishers. However, if that special person makes you laugh a little harder, it is one of the best things. You must acknowledge it. (Also read: Why it becomes difficult for a guy to understand a girl)

Our mind and body coordinate well: Physical intimacy is one of the essential parts of any relationship. When you two have been together for long, you often tend to build a sort of compatibility. Your mind and body coordinate well with each other and thus you find passion in your love.

If only it’s you, I don’t need anyone: Yes, we all have that one person with whom we can deal even when we have worst mood swings. Saying your partner to be the one whom you can handle even at your worst and want to be there at every step, is a lovely feeling. It’s another way of saying how intensely you love someone.

We are perfect together: Everyone wants to attain the best and perfect in life. But staying contended with what you have is a quality of few. When you really love someone, you make them your world. And nothing can beat this perfect world of yours. So, calling the togetherness perfect, is the best thing to confess the love. (Also read: What are the signs that your casual relationship is turning into a serious relationship)

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