What are the things that can make a woman insecure

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What are the things that can make a woman insecure

When it comes to maintaining a relationship, it is often observed that the woman is constantly worried about the relationship. This worry shows in form of insecurity that a woman has. Men are often laid back and casual in the relationship, but women have a hard time with as they worry constantly. There are certain things in the relationship, that hurt a woman’s love and make her feel insecure about the relationship she shares with her partner. In the long run, the feeling of insecurity can harm the relationship, so one must know the reason for it. Let’s find out what makes a woman insecure.

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When you keep flirting around
Even though you may think that a little bit of harmless flirting means nothing, it can mean a lot to a woman. No lady wants to be in a relationship where she feels threatened by her partner’s action. If it happens, it comes out in form of insecurity in a relationship.

Never taking the initiative
If you are constantly taking your girl for granted. Never really making an attempt for her happiness, then it is a red flag for her. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are if you don’t do anything it will make your girl insecure.

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Talking to your ex or talking about her
No one likes to hear of the ex in a relationship. So, if you spend your time talking to an ex or talking about her constantly it not good for the relationship. Thus, it leads to insecurity.

Keeping the relationship a secret
If you don’t introduce your girlfriend to your friends or your friends then it shows that you don’t want to make your girlfriend a part of your life. It leads to insecurity.

Talking about some other girl
Every girl wants to the apple of her guy’s eyes. If you are talking of some other girl, it can lead to jealousy.

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