The most intimate questions to ask from the person you are dating

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The most intimate questions to ask from the person you are dating

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If you are dating someone, there comes a phase when you both try to know each other better. In the honeymoon phase of every relationship, when everything is going perfectly, there comes a time when you want to make a step forward. Hence, you try to ask the person some intimate questions. Well, note it here, intimate questions do not only mean making out questions. It even implies to things that your partner will not openly share with everyone. It’s basically an agenda of knowing the secrets of each other, that you both are still unaware of. This can be a step forward from a guy’s side or may be girl’s.

Here are some of the most intimate questions you can ask your partner:

Are you a smoker? : Believe it or not, this is one of the most basic questions a girl wants to know about her partner. This doesn’t mean, she is fussy and will ask you to quit smoking, it’s just that she wants to know you better. Also, she wants to make sure that you are not hiding any truth about your habits from her.

Questioning the virginity: Well, this is the most intimate question and the obvious one. If you both are on the right track of your relationship, then only you are obliged to ask this question. Be careful, as the table might turn to the other side as well and you might have to answer the same. be sure that you are at the right stage of your relationship before putting up this question.

Have you ever cheated on someone? : We believe no one answers it right! Everyone wants to hide the truth of their infidelity. But they will definitely be vocal if they were being cheated on. Thus, you have to play clever while you put up this question.

The number of sexual partners: You are lucky if your partner tells you all of it truly. Well, you don’t know him since the beginning, so you can never be sure of the answer. But you can always give it a try and get to know about your partner’s deep personal life.

Talking about the account balance: Money matters are always tricky, asking someone about their sound financial status is often taken wrongly by another person. Thus, you have to be really careful before you put up this question. There is no denying the fact that everyone wants to be secure financially, but do you share that bond where you can ask this?

If you are undergoing any serious health issue: If you are planning a future with the person you are dating, this is the most important question for you. We all know that health is wealth! You will definitely not want to know about your partner’s ill health much later in life when you can’t do anything. Knowing about the real facts in advance is always good!

Want to have kids in future: Well this is the most lovey-dovey question which reveals a lot about someone’s personality. A person is gentle and calm if he loves kids. And if you both are planning a future ahead, this question certainly makes a huge difference to avoid any clashes later on in life.

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