What Are The Texts You Can Send To A Her To Show Your Care

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What Are The Texts You Can Send To A Her To Show Your Care

Every relationship needs love and care. No matter, if you are a man or woman if your partner just loves you but does not make any effort to show it you will not be happy. However, women feel it more as they love to be pampered by their partners. Women do not want the grand gestures of showing care and love, they just want simple texts which assure that somebody is there for them. This feeling is amazing, in fact, these things can attract her towards you more. Hence, if you also want to make your lady love feel secure in the same way, read the following. We are going to talk about what are the texts you can send to her which show your care for them. (Also Read: How To Prove Your Loyalty To Your Partner)

What do you want me to do for you this weekend:
Make her feel like she is a princess. If you ask her this way about her weekend plans, we bet that she will cancel her plans and will be ready to go out with you. Make her realise that you respect her and you are ready for her services anytime. These are the acts of chivalry.

How was your entire day?
When you ask a girl about her entire day, it shows your care for her. Men generally love to talk about themselves and ignore what women did for the whole day. So, make her feel loved and cared for you. Listen to her. (Also Read: Why You Can Never Be Just Friends With Your Ex Partner)

Do not forget to call me when you reach:
Although this is a normal gesture to ask someone to text you when she reaches home. But when she was with you and she knows you both have a connection, a simple text can make her feel happy. This will make her realise how much you care for her.

Can I Pick you Up from home:
If you both have a date plan or going somewhere, always offer her to pick her up from her home. This will make her realise you do not want her to face any inconvenience while travelling.

Talk more about her career:
These days girls are ambitious and they do not want guys are least interested in their career. This is how you can make a place in her heart. In fact, advise her a little to guide her if you have better options than her. This will make her feel better and attracted towards you. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Say You Do Not Need A Man In Your Life)

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