Texting mistakes- Major texting blunders that can harm your relationship

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texting mistakes that can harm your relationship

Major texting mistakes that can harm your relationship

With the change in technology, the world of romance and affection has also changed. In the past people used to wait by the landline phones to receive the call of their loved ones. However, not people simply depend on texts to tell the other person how they feel. Texting has made communication very simple and efficient, but it can lead to confusion as well. There few texting mistakes that can affect your relationship in a bad way. There are times when you had seen the message, but you were not able to reply, at that time your partner feels ignore. So, there are certain texting mistakes you must avoid. (Also read: What are the things one should keep in mind while texting a girl)

This article includes:

  • Forgetting to reply
  • Texting all the time
  • Overuse or lack of use of emojis
  • Constantly nagging
  • Never carrying on the conversation

Let’s find out about the texting mistakes that can harm your relationship

Forgetting to reply

texting mistakes that can harm your relationship
When you forget to reply to texts it can hurt your relationship

Nothing can make your partner feel worse than a text left on seen. When you have a genuine reason for it, then it is okay. However, some people have this habit of ignoring the texts for a long time. If you are busy, simply tell your partner, instead of ignoring the text. (Also read: How to get a girl to text you back)

Texting all the time

texting mistakes that can harm your relationship
Texting constantly can harm your relationship

When you constantly text your partner all the time, then it turns annoying. Respect there time and yours as well. Texting is fun, but it is not important that you should text all the time. You can keep the conversation interesting over texts as well. Click the link to know how!

Overuse or lack of use of emojis
Emojis are cute little text arts that can make the conversation interesting. However, make sure you are using them in a decent amount. Instead of using them too much or not using them at all.

Constantly nagging
Texting is not a medium to nag your partner about his/her location or preying on their life. Don’t use texting as a spy tool or nag your partner about mundane things.

Never carrying on a conversation
In a normal conversation, you ask a question and talk to the person. Same is with texting, initiate a conversation and make your partner feel special.

So, keep away from these habits while texting, You can read this article in Hindi. Click the link.

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