What Are The Texting Habits Of Men Which Makes Women Stay Away From Them

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What Are The Texting Habits Of Men Which Makes women Stay Away From Them

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Well, there are many habits of men which irritate women a lot. But amongst all of these habits, the bad texting habits are something which can make a woman immediately turn off to him. These days, the mobile communication, especially the texting has been the best communication can be done so far. No matter how bad you talk, a simple sorry with good texting habits can make a situation perfect. So, how about being a little conscious and know about these bad texting skills. Have a look at the following and know what are the texting styles which make women stay away from them. (Also Read: What Are The Sureshot Ways By Which You Can Win Your Girlfriend’s Heart)

Texting too much unnecessary:
Women actually do not like those guys who keeps texting them unnecessarily. It may possible that you want to talk to her, but that does not mean you keep texting her again an again with the flood of messages. This sounds good during the initial days of your dating. But gradually, it makes the girl feel irritated.

Praising too much through messaging:
Every woman loves to hear compliments from her man. But, it does not mean that you keep complimenting her every time through texting. This nagging attitude actually makes women let you stay away from her. Just one or two times in a day is absolutely perfect but over compliment can sound fake.

Asking to send a selfie every time:
There are many guys who text their lady loves only just to get her selfies. Trust us, that sounds quite creepy. Girls do not like if you keep asking her to send images. She loves her privacy and if she wants she will herself send you her selfies. You do not need to remind a woman of this. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Say That Your Partner Is Using You)

Despite not getting her reply, keep texting:
Women do not like at all if guys keep texting them in spite seeing that they do not want to reply. You should understand if a woman is ignoring you.  If you do not understand this and keep texting her, you may lose a single chance to talk later.

Texting too much when she is with her friends:

Everyone loves privacy and there should be a limited space in every relationship. The way you love to spend time with your friends, she also does the same. Do not text her continuously when she is busy with her friends. This sounds quite nagging and you may prove yourself a clingy boyfriend. So, maintain the space and text her there is a need or when she is not busy. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggest That Your Girlfriend Only Needs Your Money)

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