How To Text A Girl For The First Time To Impress Her

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How To Text A Girl For The First Time To Impress Her

It is true that, impressing a girl is not easy. You have to be very conscious of your communication skills, appearance and definitely about your first approach. If your first approach is wrong or not up to the mark, it is very difficult to impress your lady love. The easiest and the most convenient way to approach her is sending a text. But, many men fail to impress girls just because of their texting style. So, we have come up with some smart texting tips which can melt a woman’s heart easily. Try these suggestions. (Also Read: What Are The New Year Resolutions That People With Broken Heart Must Take)

First of all, make sure she gave you her number:
Women get irritated when they get anonymous texts from men. So, you have to make sure that the girl herself has shared her number with you. Otherwise, do not try to send her texts by arranging her number from various sources. She will definitely response if she recognises you.

Keep it simple and sober:
Rather than being too cheesy, you should send her simple and sober texts, maybe a hi or hello can be effective. But make sure you should not use many emojis as a greeting message. You can be a little witty or sarcastic in a smart way but do not exaggerate. Make it simple and sober.

Ask meaningful questions:
You should ask meaningful questions from her to grow the conversation. But, you should avoid asking about her dinner menu, her favourite colour, brands etc. Be a gentleman and talk about good meaningful topics. Try this, she will start liking you for this.

Do not share adult jokes:
If you are sharing adult jokes at the first time when you want to talk to her, you can be blocked right away. So, do not send her trashes. Be a sensitive person and share logical messages with her.

Do not eat up letters while writing:
When we all were in school and used to send messages by eating up letters, it was a trend then. But, gradually, that time has been changed and people these days do not use short words. They write the entire word with accurate spellings. But, if you are sending her small words, she may think that you are backdated and use old techniques. So, write ‘you’ instead of using ‘U’. (Also Read: How To Convert Your Friendship Into Love)

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