How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Want To Get Engaged

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How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Want To Get Engaged

It is absolutely normal to feel like getting engaged after being in a relationship for quite a long time. If you both have been spending a good time together, there is nothing better than planning for the future. But telling this to your partner can be a little embarrassing or you may feel shy. Men usually take time to think about their marriage. Although, the same happens with women too. But men can easily propose women for marriage. But if being a woman you are finding the ways to make your man realise your intention, we can help you. So, have a look at the following and know what are the ways you can tell your boyfriend that you want to get engaged. (Also Read: How Toxic Relationship Can Affect You)

Advantages of attending marriages together:
When you both will get a chance to attend any marriage or engagement ceremony, you can take its advantage. You can let your boyfriend realise that you are happy for them and just love the ceremony. You can talk to your partner that you love this type of decoration. This will make him realise your intention.

Talk about the future:
As you both are ageing day by day, you should talk about your future together. Apart from a career, you should let your boyfriend know about your other ideas. You can talk about your friends who just recently got engaged or married. It will show your interest in seeing the future. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That His Ego Is More Important Than The Relationship)

Mention your favourite married couple:
You should talk about your favourite married couple more often with your boyfriend. Speak about their lifestyle, habits and everything which you admire. This will make your partner feel that you are also ready to get engaged.

Softly give some hints:
Go to a romantic place and talk about your relationship. Express your love to him. Then ask him about your future and come to the conclusion.

Tell that your family want to you get married now:
If you tell your man that your family wants you to get married, he will definitely talk about your future. This will make him realise that this is the time when you both should tie the knot. But do not pressurise him. Just give a hint that you also want your future with him. (Also Read: What Are The Silent Killers Of A Relationship)

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