What are the surprising things men find attractive in a woman

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What are the surprising things men find attractive in a woman

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Gaining male attention is a tricky thing. Many girls think and believe that only makeup, well-groomed hair and dressing can attract a man’s attention. However, this is far from the truth. The reality is there are many surprising things that men find appealing in a woman. All these things are simple and non-fussy, so often they are ignored. These things might turn into small tricks that can help you to win any guys attention. So, let’s find out what are the surprising things guys find attractive in a girl.(Also read: How to keep him interested after gaining his attention)

Messy hair or messy bun
Girls usually believe that guys look for a groomed girl, but nothing is more appealing than a carefree girl. A messy hair bun shows that you are not trying too hard to impress anyone and she is her own person. Messy hair is a statement in itself if done right.

Sense of humour
A girl who has sharp wits is everyone’s instant favourite. Having a sense of humour means that you have more to offer than just a beautiful face. It shows that you are not afraid to laugh and take life easy.  (Also read: What are the things that you can gift to your partner in the coming year)

Those who don’t follow anyone
Being a strong independent woman is just a way of living, it is also one of the most attractive qualities in a woman. The man immediately pays attention to a woman who is unique and different from other.

Wearing loose clothes
If you wear loose clothes you ooze an aura of warmth and comfort. It makes you attractive immediately as it sets you apart from others. So, if you stay away from makeup and keep yourself natural in loose clothes it is always attractive.

Decisive woman
A woman who is in charge of her destiny or her life is always a stunner. So, believe it not, men are no longer looking for a damsel in distress, they are looking for a woman with a spine of steel. (Also read: Why is it a great idea to date a funny guy)

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