Social Media Kills Relationship: Why Social Media Is Killing Your Relationship

Social media kills a relationship

Your too much of indulgent on social media can kill your relationship.

Social media kills a relationship deliberately, you believe it or not. Your real life is way too different from the life you share on social media. Yes, you are right. But it is efficient enough to kill your relationship. Moreover, our generation is addicted to social media. From sharing the relationship status to fighting with people, social media has various different ways to destroy your relationship. So, if you are finding the reason for your recent conflict in the relationship, you may need to check the following. Maybe in your case, social media is killing your relationship. (Also Read: Things that happen when you stop checking your social media accounts constantly)

Why Is Social Media Killing Your Relationship?

  • The greed for networking
  • Too much of PDA
  • The doubt and jealousy factor
  • A great place to find new people
  • The X-factor

The greed for networking:
People are too engrossed in social media these days. They constantly keep typing to grow their networking on various social sites. So, that is why they hardly care about their partner and spending time with them. Even if they go for any outing, their fingers constantly scroll their social account.

Too much of PDA:

Social media kills a relationship
PDA on social media platforms makes your relationship a disrespectful thing.

Social media is a place to show the public display of affection for most of the couple. But this makes you suffer from various problems. Showing or updating every single thing on social media is extremely harmful and disrespectful to your partner also. Too much of update regarding relationship makes you a fool in front of others too.

The doubt and jealousy factor:
It is natural that your partner will freak out when they always find you busy on social media platforms. This increases the distance between your partner and you. Also Read: Which things a couple should never post on social media )

The X-factor:

Social media kills a relationship
Finding your X-partner in social media can make your present relationship fall apart.

Everybody has got a ‘past’ and social media makes the Ex-partner come closer again. You can track, stalk and even can talk to them again. So, this definitely makes your relationship fall apart.

A great place to find new people:
If your partner is not completely loyal to you, social media becomes the ultimate place for them to flirt around. This not only makes disloyal people destroy the relationship, but it can make many trustworthy people fall into the trap of disloyalty. (Also Read: Doubtful Relationship: How To Stop Doubting Your Partner)

So, these are the ways by which social media can kill your relationship badly. But that does not mean you should stop using social media. You just need to know how much you have to indulge yourself in it. Read this article in Hindi also.

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