Silent treatment: Why is the silent treatment the worst thing in a relationship


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No relationship can ever be perfect all the time. Even though you two might be the most compatible couple, but even then there are points when you reach a deadlock with your partner. There is nothing wrong with a fight, as long as you deal with it in a mature way. Some people have the tendency of dealing with an argument with a silence treatment. The silence treatment simply means that instead of resolving the issue the person just stops talking to the partner. It seriously the worst thing that you can do in a relationship. There are many reasons to support this thought.  (Also read: How to use silent treatment in a positive way in the relationship)

Silent treatment’s impact on the relationship

  • It creates misunderstanding
  • Show disrespect towards the relationship
  • It is an emotional abuse
  • You are running away from the issue
  • There is no result

It creates misunderstanding

Silent treatment can lead to misunderstandings

If you think silent treatment will magically help your partner to know what is going wrong in the relationship, then you are mistaken. In any situation, the silent treatment just creates more misunderstanding and confusion. (Also read: What Are The Silent Killers Of A Relationship)

Show disrespect towards the relationship
When you decide to easily stop the communication between your partner and you, it shows disrespect. The disrespect is not just towards your partner but you are disregarding your whole relationship. (Also read: Why self-respect is important in a relationship)

It is an emotional abuse
The moment you start to snack the right to talk from your partner then you must understand that it is a form of emotional blackmail. If you want to make your relationship better then stay away from these kiddish and manipulative ways. (Also read: What are the types of emotional abuse women usually encounter by their partner)

You are running away from the issue

Silent treatment means that they are running away from the issues

In any relationship, there are plenty of issues to work on. However, when it comes to the silent treatment, it shows that instead of working on the issues you are just running away from the problem itself. (Also read: What Are The Best Ways You Can Patch Up With Your Partner After a Fight)

There is no result
Think for a moment and decide what exactly are you hoping to achieve by the silent treatment. It leads to nowhere in a relationship. After an argument, the best way is to sit and talk to your partner.

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