Staying Single: Signs you should stay single even though you want to be in relationship

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Signs you should stay single for a while

Signs you should stay single for a while

When you are single you see that a lot of people in a relationship and you think that why don’t you try for it. Even though it is an amazing feeling to be in a loving and caring relationship, but it is all about the right time for things. There are a few signs that can help you to understand the timing. So, you need to check for the signs before jump into a relationship. This is important because there are some phases in which it is better for you to stay single. So, let’s find out why you should remain single for a while. (Also read: How to stay happy when you are single)

Signs you should stay single for a while

  • Just ended a serious relationship
  • You don’t know what you want
  • Moving from relationship to relationship
  • You need a relationship
  • Jealousy

Just ended a serious relationship
When you have just ended a serious relationship or you have been dumped recently, you are emotionally fragile. So, even though you want the comfort of being with someone. It is not a wise idea. As you will be doing injustice to yourself as well as the person you get involved with. (Also read: What all a single woman must know about men)

You don’t know what you want
Before you go for a relationship, you need to know what exactly you want out of it. If you want a causal relationship but you end with someone who is looking for a serious relationship. Then, it can be confusing. So, find out what exactly you want and find it.

Moving from relationship to relationship
When you are just looking for emotional dependence in a relationship, you really can’t stay single and keep moving from one relationship to another. If that is happening with you, keep away from the relationship for a while.

You need a relationship
There are some people who feel insecure about themselves and they use the support of a relationship. Before getting into a relationship it is better to be your own person.


Signs you should stay single for a while
You want a relationship a relationship because of jealousy

Even though it is a hard thing to admit, many people enter a relationship because they are jealous of their committed friends. It is natural but it is an unhealthy idea.

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