Signs Which Tell That Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship

Signs Which Tell That Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship

Being in a relationship with the one you love is the most beautiful feeling. You seem to have brighter days and love is the aura everywhere. However, when anyone among you loses the interest in the relationship, it becomes terrible. Remember, that you cannot hold someone forcibly neither you can control their emotions. Hence, you have to let them go. Thus, before coming to closure, you must be aware of the signs which tell that your partner has lost interest in the relationship. [Also Read: How to distance yourself from someone who is not right for you]

You Are Hardly On Their Priority List:

Once there was a time when you were included in all their plans and you had a major role to play. But! what happened now? You are hardly aware of their plans and you seem to be removed from their priority list. You feel worthless at times. Hence, if this is what you feeling, it indicates that your partner has lost interest in the relationship.

They Play The Blame Game:

Be it the fight or arguments, you always have to take the blame. They aren’t ready to accept the mistake. And, guess what? you can also find that the excuses they make lack all the logic. They use certain tricks to just escape the scene. [Also Read: What are the probable reasons that your ex is ruining your relationship]

Nowadays They Get Easily Annoyed:

Even if you say something good, they will get annoyed. If you ask them to plan a date or to just extend the call, they will shout at you like hell or will become arrogant. You can see drastic changes in their behaviour.

No Respect:

The most important things to keep the relationship strengthen is respect. But, you seem to have lost respect somewhere. They treat you in whatever manner they want and accusing you of nothing has no such harm for them.

Giving Ignorance:

They try to avoid you and keep themselves stick to their schedules. They can have a fun time but you won’t be aware of it. There are cases that they start hiding things from you. [Also Read: How To Know That Your Partner is Double Dating You]

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