Signs Which Say That Your Male Friend Likes You

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Signs Which Say That Your Male Friend Likes You

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Who says a male and a female cannot be friends? Well, they can be friends. But the truth is this friendship might not work for long. If a girl is having a best friend who is of the opposite gender, The feelings automatically start generating. The togetherness, hangouts, laughs can easily make a man fall in love with his best friend which is a girl. Many women experience the same in their life once. Do you think your best friend also likes you? Have a look at the following and know about these signs. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Say That Your Feelings Aren’t Real To Your Partner)

He always calls and texts you first:
If your male best friend is too much into you, he will definitely call and text you first. Whenever anything happens to you or your friend’s life, he calls and texts you. In fact, from good morning to goodnight, he always shares all his updates. He almost behaves like a boyfriend as he loves to talk to you.

You find him always beside you:
If you need any help, you find him near you always. Even you do not need his help, he never leaves you alone. He loves to care yourself and tries to make your stay happy always. (Also Read: What Are The Ways In Which Women Behave When They Don’t Love You Anymore)

He can leave his other friends for you:
If he loves you, he will be ready everytime, whenever you need his help. Not only just to help you, he can easily cancel all his boys’ day out plans just to spend time with you. These attitudes clearly tell you that, he is in love with you.

He always compliments you:
If he loves you, he always tries to make you happy and feel special. That is why he compliments you most of the times. Whenever you say something good or wear any good dress. He never fails to compliment you on that. This is nothing but showing his love towards you.

He does not like your boyfriend:
If your best friend loves you, he can not like your boyfriend. Have you notices his face when you and your partner go out for a date? He definitely hates this. This clearly indicates he likes you a lot. (Also Read: Little Ways To Make Your Partner Realise That You Appreciate Them)

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