Relationship Tips: Signs that your partner is crossing a line

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The major signs that your partner is crossing a lineThe major signs that your partner is crossing a line

The major signs that your partner is crossing a line

When it comes to relationships, all you wish to do is to get closer to your partner. This feeling is mirrored by your partner as well. However, sometimes, when we are trying to connect with our partner in an intimate way, we forget that there are certain boundaries that he/she should not cross. We are often so involved in the relationship that we forget about the lines. It can lead to problems later on and fights between you and your partner. So, let’s find out the what are the signs that your partner is crossing a line. (Also read: What are the most annoying things every boyfriend does)

The major signs that your partner is crossing a line

  • Checking your phone
  • Asks for the passwords
  • Disrespecting you
  • Controls you
  • Verbal abuse

Checking your phone
When you are in a relationship, the most important thing is trust. That means your partner should respect your privacy and should not go behind your back. So, if your partner has a habit of checking your phone when you are not around then it is a bad sign.

Asks for the passwords
You back account details, your social media profile etc is your personal thing. This is something your partner should also understand this. Constantly forcing you to tell the passwords is beyond the limits. (Also read: What Are The Annoying Things Men Do On Social Media That Women Hate)

Disrespecting you
Respect is a must in a relationship. Any way of disrespect is a sign that your partner is crossing his/her boundaries. The fact of the matter is that you two are partners, that means two equals. So, the respect should be equal as well.

Controls you
You are the owner of your own life. Whatever decision you make, should be made by you only. So, if your partner is the one calling shots in your life. Then it is about crossing the lines.

Verbal abuse
No matter how bad of the fight it, it is never okay to be abusive. So, if your partner has done that then it not really okay. It is the worst thing he can do.

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