Signs That You Are Not In Love But Just Have Love Addiction

Signs That You Are Not In Love But Just Have Love Addiction

Love is a sea whose depth can never be measured. It is a beautiful feeling, however, the definition of love these days have changed. Some people consider materialistic values as love while some just take it as hanging around. You may say that you are truly, madly and deeply in love but is it true? Maybe you are just addicted to love because you can’t live without it. It is difficult to admit that you are just addicted to your partner and not in love. But, have a belief, that once you know where you are, your crave for love will diminish. Or maybe, you can figure out what actually love is. Thus, below mentioned are some important signs which tell that you are not in love but just addicted to your partner.

You Are Scared To Be Alone:

If being alone makes you scared and you are with the person just because you do not want to stay alone that means, you are just addicted to the feeling of love. When you are in love, you are united with the person selflessly. However, when you are just thinking that you can’t be alone and so you need the person, it’s not love, its the addiction of love.

You Fall In Love Every Now And Then:

You may get attracted to the person. However, if the case seems to every second person you come across, believe that you are not in love rather, you just need someone to fill the space.

You Are Ready To Date Anyone:

If you are addicted to love, you get ready to date anyone who seems a bit of attractive and fills your criteria of dating. By this, you aren’t inviting love rather your needs.

You Have Never Been Alone:

There might be the case that you have never been alone. As stated above, you may easily get attracted to someone and date. Hence, the thought of being alone stings you and you do not let the relationship go off.

You Have All Romantic Fantasies:

Only romantics in a relationship is not love. The fairy tales, candlelight dinner and sound of a violin is totally impractical. You have to be with the person in all ups and downs. Hence, if you only need the good feeling of love, you are just addicted to this three letter word.

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