Relationship tips: Signs that she is testing you in the relationship

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Signs which show that a girl is testing you before dating

A girls tests a guy before dating him.(Source:

Relationship tips: A first date or an outing does not confirm a good thing coming next. Every girl puts a guy through multiple tests before assuring herself. A guy has to cross those level of tests in order to win the girl’s heart. However, it is essential to figure out, that you are undergoing the test. It is very difficult to woo a girl and win her heart. You have to show how good a person you are and how well can you keep her. Every girl has a different criterion when it comes to finding out the right partner. So, before she judges you and tests you, be a little wise and read the signs she is throwing at you. (Also read: What are the signs that you are dating a true gentleman)

What are the clear signs that she is testing you?

  • Testing is natural
  • Pushing your limits
  • She makes you meet her friends
  • Keeps a close eye watch on your actions
  • Talks about future goals

Testing is natural
Don’t take it personally as testing is a natural process. We all test various things in life before choosing them. However, when it comes to people, we all think about the long-term future plans. Hence, there is no scope of replacement or change. Thus, before choosing the right partner, it is natural to undergo tests. It’s good in a way!

Pushing your limits

Signs that she is testing you
If she is testing you, she will push your limits to know you better(pc:

A girl who is testing you will try to push your limits to know you better. She will definitely want to know how you deal with pressure. It is a way to figure out how well do you know your limits and how easy it is to convince you. So, be a little wise! (Also read: What Are The Types Of Men Every Women Should Avoid Dating)

She makes you meet her friends
If she is making you meet her friends, well, you are undergoing the greatest test. We all listen to our friends and friends are ones, who know us the most. The opinion of your friends is enough to influence your decision. So, if she has made a plan with her friends and you, be prepared!

Keeps a close eye watch on your actions

Signs that a girl is trying to test you
If a girl is trying to test you, she will notice all your actions closely.

If a girl is testing you deeply, she will roll her eyes wherever your eyes go. She will keep a close watch to your actions, your manners, the way you deal with the people etc. So be careful! (Also read: Things You Should Commit If You Want To Be In A Happy Relationship)

Talks about future goals
What we think and plan for our future gives a glimpse of our personality. If she shows a keen interest to know about your future plans, then you are on the ground of being tested.

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These are some of the basic signs which shows that the girl is testing you. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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