What Are The Signs Suggest That You Are Dependent On Your Partner

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What Are The Signs Suggest That You Are Dependent On Your Partner

Being dependent on your partner in a relationship does not mean the monetary dependency. It means the emotional dependency which can gradually kill the part of the relationship. Being in a relationship is great but totally sacrificing your own self and being dependent on your partner is something truly disgraceful. You may not understand this thing in the initial stage of your relationship. But you will gradually understand how important it can be to be independent and have a grip on your own self. Hence, have a look at the signs that tell you that you are dependent on your partner completely. (Also Read: What Are The Things You Should Be Selfish About In A Relationship)

You have no friends except your partner:
It is true that staying in a dependent relation for a long time can create distances between you are your friends. If you always stay dependent on your partner you can not be able to stay connected to your friends. So, gradually you will be having your boyfriend or girlfriend with you but no friends.

You can not do anything alone:
If you are dependent on your partner, you can not do anything with him/her. From shopping to walking, everywhere you need your partner to accompany you. This can gradually erase your single identity and make you a completely dependent person. So, try to stay with your own identity and space so that you do not become dependent on him/her. (Also Read: What Are The Things Which Are Worse Than Cheating In a Relationship )

Your relation the only source of your happiness:
When you become dependent on your partner it can make you feel that you have them only as the sole happiness in your life. Which is your relationship? But, it is not necessary that your partner also has this relationship only to gather happiness. Maybe your partner wants to grab another source of happiness. So, do not stay dependent and find out your own happiness.

You cannot take any decision:
If you stay dependent on your partner, then it is natural that you can not take any decision on your own. You always will be willing to ask his or her decision so that you get the result. But, it is killing your identity which is totally disgraceful. (Also Read: What Are The Texting Habits Of Men Which Makes Women Stay Away From Them)

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