What Are The Signs That She’s Not Worth The Efforts You Are Putting

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Signs That She’s Not Worth The Efforts

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When you start to invest yourself in a relationship, you get involved completely with it. At that time it is important to understand one thing as well if the person is really worth the effort. It is especially a matter of concern for men as they often have a hard time devoting to the partner. So, even though the girl of your choice seems to be amazing and irresistible, she might be taking you for granted. In that situation, it is important to know and understand that in such a relationship can’t last for long. So, watch out for the signs that say that she is not worth the efforts. (Also read: What to do when you are stuck with a bad date)

She is self-absorbed
A relationship is a two-way street. However, if you are with a girl who is completely self-absorbed will not pay attention to your efforts in the relationship. So, consider this a red flag right then and there.

Still talks about her ex
If you want to be with a girl, it is important that she is equally involved with you. There is no space for past relationships in it, but if she constantly talks of her ex, then it is not a good sign. That means perhaps you are a rebound for her.  (Also read: What are things women worry about in a relationship)

Always thinks of money
Often it happens that many girls come across as gold-diggers. The term means being with someone for the money. Even though you must like to spoil your girl, you must pay attention if money is all she is thinking about.

Doesn’t listen to you
When you are in a relationship you want to express yourself in every way. That includes talking to your partner about the issues you are facing. However, if she is not interested in listening to you then it can be a problem.

She is needy and dependent
When you are with a girl who is needy and dependent then you can never have a mature and meaningful relationship. (Also read: Phrases you should not use while consoling a grieving friend)

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