What Are The Signs Of Having A Secret Crush On Someone

What Are The Signs Of Having A Secret Crush On Someone

Don’t you feel to have the power to read someone’s mind? Unfortunately, we can’t and that is why we have a good guessing power. There are some signs which help us to understand what is going on in someone’s mind. Everybody wants to know about these signs, especially if you want to read the mind of someone you think having a secret crush on you. No matter if you like to reciprocate to the feelings or not, but you need to know the signs. Hence, we are here to help you to understand the signs of having a secret crush. (Also Read: What Are The Mistakes You Should Avoid After Having A Breakup)

Eye Contact:
Have you ever enjoyed eye contacting your crush? If your crush is also making the stagnant eye contacts that you do, then there is nothing more to say. It clearly says that he/she also has a crush on you. In fact, eye contact is the most relevant signs that the other person wants to like to check you out.

Wide Smiles:
Smiling at someone is a very healthy gesture. But if the smile is broad and makes the face happier after seeing you, it clearly says that the person likes you. It is quite natural that when we meet our crush, we feel happy and there is a natural smile that comes on our face automatically. So, grant this sign as a secret crush. (Also Read: What Are The Things Happen To Your Body After A Breakup)

They overhear you:
If you are talking to someone, the person definitely overhears your conversation. It is one of the most common signs that shows someone has a crush on you. They often sneak-peek to know what you are talking about and passes on a smile if there is an eye contact.

The behave weirdly if they see you with someone else:
No matter if you both talk or not, but if they have a crush on you, they can’t share you. Sounds funny but true! The idea of you paying someone more attention is just not acceptable to them. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of A Bad Kisser)

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