What Are The Signs That Say You Are Sacrificing Too Much In The Relationship

What Are The Signs Say That You Are Sacrificing Too Much In The Relationship

How much can you love your partner? Can you give up your everything just to make your partner happy? If you can, or if you are doing this, you are a victim. Loving someone is not all about sacrificing everything. If you can not love yourself and your own life, how can you love someone else? Over sacrificing is nothing but a mere self destructive kind of approach which people have and they try to prove their love with it. Little sacrifices are good and they make the relationship stronger too. But when you do too many sacrifices the relationship becomes toxic. So, have a look at the following and know about the signs say that you are sacrificing too much. (Also Read: )

Not thinking about your happiness ever:
If you never think about your happiness and always support your partner, you are doing it wrong. You both should share the same quantity of happiness in your relationship. So, sacrificing it is not a justice to yourself.

Always say ‘Sorry’ first:
If you always say sorry first when you both fight, it seems you do not continue the fight anymore and want a peaceful bond. But doing it everytime is not right. You can not say sorry first always even if you are not at fault. This seems you are sacrificing too much in the relationship and your partner has taken you for granted.

You compromise every time:
Compromises are the part of a relationship. But when you overdo it, your relationship becomes toxic. But do you ever think that your partner can also compromise for at least few things, rather than doing you it yourself every time? Do not do it and make your esteem down always.

Losing your freedom:
If you think that you have no freedom in your relationship, trust us, you have to get rid of the relationship. If a relationship does not make you stay happy, you should leave the relationship and focus on your own growth.

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