What Are The Signs Say That You Both Have Major Intimacy Issues In Your Life

What Are The Signs Say That You Both Have Major Intimacy Issues In Your Life

Every relationship needs intimacy. Not only physical but mental intimacy too. If you both are not close to each other, you both will gradually realise the lack of it and eventually, you will get nothing from your relationship. Somehow you both will face difficulties to connect with each other and your relationship becomes a dull, lifeless and formal relation. So, before you both fall apart from the bond of love, check these signs of major intimacy issues and make your relationship better. So, have a look at the following. (Also Read: How To Control Yourself From Texting Someone As This Is All You Have To Do)

Your negative feeling is increasing toward your partner:
Somehow you can not just think positive things about your partner and especially for the relationship. If your mind is not running on the positive side, it will be difficult for you to retain the bond again in the relationship. Talk to each other and remove this problem from the relationship.

Your grudges are more important than the love:
As you both mostly fight with each other, the bucket of grudges is overflowing. In fact, you both have forgotten that there is some amount of love left in between you. You never think about making the relationship better and talking to each other as your ego and grudges are superior to that love.

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You feel sexually undesired:
You have no sexual desire to your partner. This is happening maybe you both are unable to connect with each other. As your sexual desire is low, you both lack a major intimacy physically. The touch of love is missing in the relationship.

You do not trust each other:
If you do not trust each other, you guys cannot stay happy. You always feel insecure about the relationship and constantly poke your partner to answer you. However, trust builds itself through step by step processes. If your partner is not helping you to make you trust him/her happy, your mind will not be changed. So, talk to each other solve this issue as soon as possible. (Also Read: What Are The Things You Should Never Do To Your Man)

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