What Are The Signs Say That Your Feelings Aren’t Real To Your Partner

What Are The Signs Say That Your Feelings Aren’t Real To Your Partner

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Every relationship is built upon true feelings and attraction. But, there are many relationships in which the people simply adapt to their partner. These relationships genuinely do not make them happy but just for the sake of being committed they linger on in the relationship. This is not just bad for their future life, but it ruins the life of the partners too. Your partner may love you truly but unfortunately, the other one’s feelings might be unreal. Do you think your feeling is true for your partner? If you have little doubt, then see the following and check the signs which say your feeling are untrue. (Also Read: What Are The Ways In Which Women Behave When They Don’t Love You Anymore)

You talk but you do not connect:
You talk to your partner on regular basis like other couples. But you hardly listen to them. You talk normally but never connect emotionally. In fact, you never make effort to initiate any topic or to share anything with your partner.

You feel a constant irritation when you both are together:
It is absolutely fine when your partner tries something different once in a while which irritates you. But, if this irritation feeling constantly nags you when you both are together, you are hiding something from yourself. Your feelings are not really towards your partner. This constant irritation keeps reminding you that you are stuck between something from where you can not come out. (Also Read: Little Ways To Make Your Partner Realise That You Appreciate Them)

You can not think about the future of your relationship:
Every true lover thinks about his or her future with their other half. But somehow you can not think about the future with that person. You are either not happy with the person or you are insecure about this future. That is why you can not think about the future.

When you are in pain, you rather choose your friend to share things:
When you are in pain you never feel like sharing things with your partner. This happens because you both cannot connect to each other. Rather you choose your friend to discuss your tough situation. This clearly says your love feeling is not real for your partner.

Whatever you do for your partner, never do with your full heart:
As your feeling is not real for your partner, you never feel like doing anything for them with your whole heart and soul. You do not feel good while doing anything special for them. You are doing all this out of your humanity and courtesy. So, do you still feel your feelings are real? (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Say You Are Sacrificing Too Much In The Relationship)

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