What are the signs that your partner is sleeping with someone else

What are the signs that your partner is sleeping with someone else

Cheating is the worst thing you can do with anyone. If you are doing it with your partner, you are actually being too mean. If you are in a committed relationship, you don’t need anyone else for the support. However, some people can’t give up their habit of cheating and sleep around with people. Do they ever realise how hurtful this action can be? Do not hurt the feelings of someone who loves you. When you will notice a change in the behavioural pattern of your partner. You got to be careful. (Also read: How to control your feelings and stop yourself from loving a married man)

What are the signs that your partner is sleeping with someone else?

They start coming back home late: When your partner is coming back home late on daily basis from office and appear too tired, it might be a sign. He is flooded with excuses for being late. Besides this, there is no consistency in his behaviour. He feels tired and exhausted at the time.

Never answers phones and texts: When your partner all of a sudden starts taking too long to answer a phone call or reply back to your texts, you must be cautious. They must have been busy with their sleeping partner. (Also read: What are the probable reasons for the failure of your first date)

Lack of intimacy between you two: If your partner is already tired sleeping with someone else, he can’t give you his 100%. He will not come close to you, or intimacy will not be too spicy between you two. You will gradually lose the bond in bed and he will start appearing disinterested.

Sudden anger bursts on you: Sometimes, they have the guilt of hiding things from you and this ultimately turns out to be anger bursts. However, when they know they can’t do anything about it, they will only scream at you. They will burst all their anger and frustration of carrying the weight of two partners, on you.

They start grooming themselves: When he pays too much attention to his looks, there is something he is hiding. Not just this, they will start grooming themselves more. And not they will be cautious about how they look. They will want to be at their best always even while they are going for regular office things.

All, these signs are a mere signal towards something secretive in a relationship. You can try to talk to your partner and figure out what has brought sudden changes in their behaviour. (Also read: What are the feelings you undergo when you meet your dream life partner)

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