What are the signs that your partner is lying to you

What are the signs that your partner is lying to you

Relationships are based on two main things love and trust. The feeling of trust brings the two people closer to each other. However, some people take this feeling for granted and start disrespecting the relationship. It is not just about cheating or emotional manipulation, a simple act of lying too can be really hurtful towards your partner. So, that’s why it is important to recognize the signs that if your partner is actually lying to you? (Also read: What are the signs that you are forcing yourself to love someone)

Change in body language
The body language tells a lot about your mental state. If you notice carefully there will be a change in your partner’s body language if he or she is lying to you. Some of these changes are:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Fidgeting with random things while talking to you
  • Scratching of the neck
  • Touching their face a lot

Making up stories with too many details
The person who is lying always tries to be extra careful with his or her excuses. So, if you notice carefully then you will see that your partner is cooking up stories about everything with excessive details.  (Also read: What is the power of an apology in a relationship)

Avoids the question
If your partner is suddenly trying to avoid questions, it might not be a good sign for your relationship. When you try to question him or her about the things he or she simply avoids the question or turn it into something else without proper answers.

Change in way of talking
A person who is lying is extra cautious about everything around him or her. As a result, their way of talking changes. If your partner’s way of talking or tone has changed if then it is a sign that something is off.

Hiding the gadgets
In an honest relationship, people aren’t too particular about their phones. However, if someone is lying, then he or she will try to hide the gadgets like the phone or laptop. This is a signs that something is certainly fishy.

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